You can find specific resources for each of the five core principles of the Scottish Governance Code at the foot of the page on each principle. Here are some organisations and general resources that may be able to help you on your journey to good governance:

Governance Code Checkup

A Governance Code Checkup tool has been created to be used in conjunction with the code to help trustees regularly review their governance. You can use the Checkup to identify areas for improvement and monitor and record your journey to good governance:


 General Resources

Governance Assessment Tools

The Good Governance Award is a quality standard for Scottish charities. Evidencing good governance can be difficult, and charities are under increasing pressure to improve transparency and demonstrate their efficiency. The Award provides a clear, structured approach to assessing and improving a charity’s policies and procedures. Once completed, it provides proof that an organisation is actively engaging in excellent governance through our Award Certification.

Other Governance Codes

The Scottish Governance Code has been developed with reference to a broad range of other governance codes and standards from across the UK and from various sectors, all of which are listed here. There may be other codes that are available for your own sector, that could help you on your journey to good governance.

Glossary of Terms